Review: Cyber Colors Duo White Essence BB Cream 

Hi, everyone! It’s Tg Ira here. It’s good to be back! 😊 I haven’t updated anything and sorry for the long silence. I have a good news for everyone who has been searching for a BB cream that doesn’t make our face look grey. I’ve experienced a grey face using a BB cream that doesn’t match with my skin tone.  It is quite difficult to get my hands on the right shade because normally BB cream does not have a various range of shades. And it is usually darker than my skin tone. The product that I’m going to share today is the one and only BB cream that doesn’t make me look grey and dull. I never liked BB cream before until I found this baby. I am so much satisfied with this product! Presenting you, the great and amazing Cyber Colors Duo White Essence BB Cream!

Photo 18-11-15 5 46 11 pm

It looks like milky chocolate and white chocolate swirling in a bottle. Or am I the only one who views it that way? 😋

Ever wonder why it has two shades in a bottle? The brown cream is the BB cream while the white cream is the white essence. The white essence is the secret magic that swipes away the greyish look in just one pump! And BOOM, you’ll achieve a healthy and natural look in the blink of an eye!  I know this sounds exaggerating but that’s basically what it does to your skin. My skin instantly looks fairer and radiant. It also has matte finish but it doesn’t make me look flat. If you wish for a better coverage, it is advisable to apply primer beforehand. It makes your makeup lasts longer and stays in place. Will show you later how I look after  5 hours wearing this BB cream.

Photo 18-11-15 5 47 39 pm

And here’s the product description. I’m a bit lazy to summarise it. Perhaps you can read it on your own? 😀

I honestly dislike nothing about this product. It is perfect for combination-oily skin and for daily use. The price of this product is quite expensive for a BB cream. It will cost you RM89.90. I personally think that it is fine to spend this much for a product with an excellent quality. Worth every penny and surely will repurchase it. I regret nothing. 😊

 Ohh, I forgot to let you know that this BB cream smells really really really good! I tend to sniff it because I really like the smell! Lastly, as I promise, I’ll share some photos of me wearing the BB cream. So here you go!

Photo 18-11-15 8 17 38 pm

It’s a no-filter photo.  Taken 30 mins after wearing the BB cream and that is my fat boy!

Photo 18-11-15 8 16 27 pm

This is also a no-filter photo and what I look like after 5 hours wearing the BB cream. Am truly sorry for not being flawless. 😂

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Love, Tg Ira Tg Zain


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  1. leeloo says:

    i bought 2nd bottle already…almost finish but sasa told me they change packaging….the swirl one is no more available…


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