Worth the hype? ▶ Maybelline color tattoo & Colourpop super shock shadows

Hi everyone, it’s Syaza here. As a person who usually buy products from the hype I see on social media especially on YouTube, I think it would be fun for me to share whether the products that I bought are worth the hype or not. Please note that these might work for me but they might won’t work on you and vice versa. This is going to be a mix of product reviews & recommendations as well since those two got the most voted in previous poll.


So today, I’d like to share my opinions and thought on the Maybelline color tattoo & Colourpop super shock shadows. Let’s talk about the Maybelline color tattoo first. When they were first released, people went crazy over these little pots of cream shadows. And of course I did as well when they arrived in Malaysia. I wanted to collect all of them but I resisted and only got a few. Many people compared them to the Mac paint pot and many claimed that they do not need eye primer to use these. I don’t own any paint pot so I can’t compare. But I do need to use an eye primer since I have hooded eyelids. The cream shadows won’t last long before some of it will settle into the crease line of my eyelids. Maybelline claims this to be longest lasting shadow and last to 24 hours without creasing. Let’s go to the pros and cons;


▪️ Affordable (retails for less than RM20)
▪️ Easily accessible in Malaysia
▪️ Works wonderfully as eyeshadow bases

▪️ Some shades apply patchy (especially painted purple)
▪️ Dry out easily since it’s a cream formula
▪️ Not travel friendly since it’s a glass container
▪️ Does not last long without primer
▪️ Only limited shades available in Malaysia 😟


I think it’s an okay product. It’s not something I would reach for in my makeup routine. I know that many people use this when they’re in rush; just slap it on and be done with it, but as I mentioned earlier, I will need an eye primer for it to survive my eyelids and personally if I’m in hurry, I’d rather to wear an eyeliner than cream shadows but that’s just me.

Overall, I rate this product three and a half stars 😄


Next up, let’s talk about the Colourpop super shock shadows. I have to admit, I’m a person who usually go for a palette and rarely ever go for individual shadows but Colourpop was literally everywhere on the social medias and people were raving about the eyeshadows. Of course, I was intrigued and I placed an order with an online seller and waited for a month before I got my hands on it. Colourpop shipping is pretty slow I notice 😕



The texture of the super shock shadows are not like regular eyeshadow. They are cream to powder finish, quite squishy, soft to the touch and very pigmented. The texture reminds me of the Elf super lustrous eyeshadow. They are very similar actually. It just that Elf only make less than 10 shades of the lustrous eyeshadow, meanwhile Colourpop makes hundreds (if not thousand, I lost count) of the super shock shadows. I wouldn’t say this is similar to the color tattoo except that it’s creamy and pigmented. I also need to use it with eye primer since everything on me creases. Although Colourpop describes the shadows to be party proof and long wearing, if you have oily lids like me, a primer is a must. To get the most pigmentation out of it, use your fingers rather than a brush to apply on your eyelids. Brushes won’t do them justice, believe me but I find that sponge tip applicators work well in applying the shadows. The most important note is that you MUST close the lid/cap TIGHTLY to prevent the eyeshadow from drying out because if that happens, you cannot revive it anymore 😫  Let’s go to the pros and cons;


▪️ Creamy
▪️ Very pigmented
▪️ Affordable ($5/RM depends on the seller you buy from)
▪️ Glitters from the shadows stick well on the eyelids (almost no fallout)
▪️ Beautiful packaging despite being affordable
▪️ Comes in a lot of choices and varieties (matte, satin, metallic, glitter etc..)

▪️ Shipping takes a while (usually 1 month+)
▪️ Not available in Malaysia (and currently no shipping option to Malaysia) 😟
▪️ The packaging is bulky so it’s not ideal to travel with
▪️ Fragile (one of the shadows arrived broken/smashed)
▪️ Has to use fingertips to apply (and I know some of you don’t like that) to get the best pigmentation

Some swatches (although my poor phone’s camera doesn’t do them justice at all)


Overall, I rate this product four and a half stars 😄


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Pretty Vrach says:

    The pigmentations for both are worth the hype.. but since it is not travel friendly, i will pass this..i hope they will come out with a limited edition eyeshadow pallete. Plus it will take sometimes to finish them off.i hardly use my single eyeshadows until they hit the pan.lolz.pallete is great for a young mother like me 😄.


    1. Girls Squad says:

      Same here! The singles will take me forever to finish hence the reason my Colourpop shadows still has the texture. I just really don’t reach out for singles more than I reach for my palettes. Limited edition palette? Are you talking about the Colourpop super shock shadows? 🙂


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