R E V I E W: Primer & Base


Hello everyone, it’s Syaza here. Sorry for not posting much here. Thanks to Ira for keeping this blog alive and updated 😗 I’ve been away from home for almost a month and while I did bring my laptop with me, but my nieces and nephews had been keeping me busy 😂 A few months ago, a few people from IG requested me to review the primers that I own so today, I’ve gathered all the primers that I have (excluding the ones that I haven’t tested out yet) and I’m going to tell you whether I like them or not. Leggo~



Can you guess what are these primers suited for? Yep, if you have dry to normal skin, I highly suggest you to try these out. MAC’s prep + prime skin base visage, Guerlain meteorites perles diffusing perfecting primer & MAC’s strobe cream (in pot) are most suitable for those who are looking for a hydrating base under the foundation. I have oily skin so I don’t really tend to reach out for these except when I’m going for powder foundation. But even with that, I only use very little amount and spread them on my face, avoiding the area where I get oily the most (my t-zone). Some people recommended to use the strobe cream on the area where I’m going to highlight and I think that’s a great idea.


Alright alright, let’s talk about these two primers. If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that I love the Revlon photoready color correcting primer (retails for RM60 at Watsons and Guardian). I’ve used up three bottles now and this is my fourth one. This primer keeps me matte for hours. It is also sweat proof which is pretty amazing. But I don’t like to use it under foundation/makeup. I find that the foundation doesn’t apply smoothly on top of it. This reminds me of the mattifying primer from MUFE and with that primer, I have to use the smoothing primer (also from MUFE) on top so that my foundation applies better. I haven’t got the chance to use it with the Revlon primer yet but I will definitely try it out and if it works, I will be one happy gal! Next, the Sendayu tinggi smoothing, oil-control & pore conceal makeup base (retails for RM30 at Watsons and Guardian). Hmm, I hate to be negative but I’m not a fan of it. It doesn’t really do what it claims to do. Honestly, I don’t really notice any difference it makes on my skin. But I heard that ST is coming out with two new primers. Hopefully they won’t be disappointing as this one.


Let’s move on to my most reach primers as for now. My favourites would be the Makeup Forever step 1 skin equalizer smoothing and mattifying primer. They do exactly what they claimed to be. When I use the smoothing primer, I notice that my foundation glides on beautifully and effortlessly on my skin. I don’t have a perfect skin. I have a lot of skin issues as I suffered from acne when I was in high school. It has gotten a lot better but the damage has been done. In pictures, if I don’t use the smoothing primer, I notice my foundation doesn’t look as good as when I have it on. So that’s why it’s a must primer for me. I use it daily except when I’m only going out for lunch. The mattifying primer is also as good as the smoothing primer except of course you don’t need it if you have dry or normal skin. I use this mainly on my t-zone where I get oily the most. It does what it claimed to be. Although it’s not “oh this will keep me matte until I take my makeup off” kinda primer for me, but it does prolong the wear of my foundation before the shine break through. As I have mentioned, I need to use the smoothing primer on top of it because the primer is very matte, it kinda messed with the application of the foundation. But other than that, I absolutely love these two together! The full size primer retails for RM180 and the small size retails for RM90. Next, the Hourglass veil primer. This brand isn’t available in Malaysia so I had to preorder this online. This primer is probably the most talk about primer in beauty world. So of course I was really intrigued and had to try it for myself. This size retails for RM80+, I almost cried when I saw how small it is lol. Anyway, does it works? Yes it does but I think I like the MUFE primers better. This Hourglass veil primer used to work like magic on me. It makes my makeup last longer and it isn’t a silicone based like most primers are. But when I started using the cleansing device, I notice the magic of the primer doesn’t work on me anymore. Boohoo 😦 But I will still keep using it until I’m finish because this small bottle costs a lot and I do like it on my face. Let’s move on to the cult’s favourite, Benefit pore-fessional. I think that most people loved this because it reduces the appearance of pores and keeping the face matte at the same time. Yes, I do notice that it reduces the appearance on my pores but I have large, open pores so it just helps a lil bit and yes it does keep my face matte for a decent time. The small size tube retails for RM40 and the bigger tubes retail for RM130 & RM230)


Last but not the least, let’s talk about eye primers. Some people are blessed and they don’t need to use primer. Some aren’t and I am one of them. I have to use primer otherwise, my eyeshadows will crease, disappear and gone by less than an hour. My ultimate favourite is the Urban decay primer potion (original). I’ve gone through several tubes of it. Everyone raves about the NARS pro-prime smudge proof primer (retails for RM120+) so yeah, I had to try it out to see whether it can dethrone my beloved UDPP (retails for RM90+). While it does keep my eyeshadows vibrant and not creasing, other than that it’s just the same as UDPP. We only have two NARS counters here so it’s a little bit hard to get my hand on it whereas it’s easier to get the UDPP in Sephora outlets. The Too faced shadow insurance is also popular in the beauty community and I like it too. It feels a lil greasy though but other than that, it works just fine. I have tried the ELF eye primer which doesn’t work on me at all but for another cheaper alternative, I really like the Milani eyeshadow primer but sadly you can’t get it in Malaysia as Milani isn’t available here.

Until then, see you on my next post.. 👋


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  1. Pretty Vrach says:

    great review! i’m in love with guerlain light diffusing primer..eventho it’s a bit pricey, but i love how it hydrates my skin at the same time. usually u order dekat mane for hourglass stuff ek? last time i ordered dekat one IG seller, until now xdapat2…sedih da…hua hua..


    1. girlssquad says:

      Thank you! Good to hear that it benefits someone. I really wish it works wonderfully on me because I love looking at those small particles in the bottle hehe. Oh no, so sorry to hear that :/ For me, I always order mine from a.m.a.z.inc because I am satisfied with her service. Maybe you can check her out 🙂


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