A quick lesson on how to clean filthy makeup brushes

Hi, everyone! It’s Tg Ira here and today I would like to share the easiest and simplest steps to clean your makeup brushes. Before I start, I would like to remind that it is IMPORTANT to clean your makeup brushes frequently. How often is frequently? It depends on how regular you use them, what types of products you use and where you keep your brushes. If you wear makeup on daily basis, it is best to clean your brushes twice a week. I’m pretty sure that you don’t want to use those dirty brushes if you are able to see the bacteria trapped between the bristles of your brushes. As for me, I don’t wear makeup every day, so it is okay to clean my brushes once in every two weeks. Some have been asking me why it is important to keep the brushes clean. I’ll list some of the reasons  down for you beautiful ladies:


  • Dirty brushes stimulate accumulation of bacteria. You clearly do not want to add more germs to your skin by applying foundation or loose powder using brushes full of germs. It is A BIG NO!
  • Dirty brushes may cause infections and acne. The word acne itself scares everyone. Am I right?
  • Dirty brushes may also cause allergies to your skin.
  • Brushes are your little invention. By cleaning your brushes, it can promote their longevity.

Okay, now let me show you how to clean the brushes. Things that you’ll need are:

  • Baby shampoo or shower gel/ makeup detergent


This is Daiso Makeup brush Cleaner. Works wonder on brushes!

  • Silicone facial cleansing pad/ egg brush/ brush cleaning glove.


This is how a silicone facial cleansing pad looks.

Firstly, you need to wet the bristles of the brush with water. Pour a few drops of baby shower gel or makeup detergent on the bristles. Then, gently press the bristles on silicone facial cleansing pad for a few seconds.


A silicone facial cleansing pad works as great as a brush cleaning glove but cheaper!

Add some water while cleaning and repeat the steps until water runs clear. Now your brushes are clean, rub them using a clean towel and let them dry completely. Done! 🙂


Clean brushes are the best!

Thanks for reading and happy trying!

Love, Tg Ira Tg Zain


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